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B2B E-commerce Portal stands for Business to Business. As its name would suggest, a B2B seller provides products or services to other businesses. In many cases, B2B sellers supply products that end consumers would have no use for, like raw materials used in manufacturing. 

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B2C E-commerce Portal stands for Business to Consumer. This is the most familiar business model, and involves a retailer selling products or services directly to end customers — individual people. B2C retail is the most common business model, both online and offline, and you engage it in yourself (on the customer side) every time you shop.


C2C E-commerce Portal stands for Consumer to Consumer. This is the type of eCommerce that involves individuals selling products to each other directly. For an offline example, you could think of a garage sale. On the internet, large marketplaces like eBay streamline the C2C transaction process for millions of sellers.


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